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Easy. Safe. Fast. DosaFil® makes water treatment what it should be

There’s a reason why the industry is turning to DosaFil®; traditional water treatment doesn’t measure up. DosaFil® does.

Here’s why:

Cleans systems online

No downtime necessary

Use any chemical brand

Choose solid and liquid chemicals

Full treatment

Chemical dosing, constant side stream filtration & continuous air removal

Serious eco-credentials

DosaFil® becomes the UK’s most environmentally-friendly chemical system when combined with SolidTek™ stick chemicals

All of your water treatment problems, solved.

Bad past experience with water treatment? Join most people.

Or join the growing number of specifiers, contractors and system owners using DosaFil®.


✅ The only device to combine safe dosing of solid or liquid treatment chemicals with constant side stream filtration and continuous air removal

✅ Unmatched standard operating pressure and temperature ranges

✅ Suitable for use with any brand of chemical treatment

✅ Enables online cleaning of fouled systems


✅ Fast: isolate, open and change filter bag in under five minutes

✅ Smart monitoring notifies user when filter bags need changing

✅ Fully insulated jacket prevents heat loss

✅ Communication options for BMS built-in as standard

✅ Manufactured in Britain

✅ Comes with a 5 year guarantee

 Eco-conscious? DosaFil® becomes the UK’s most environmentally-friendly chemical system when used with SolidTek™ sticks

Years of Experience

year guarantee

Latest News

10 Reasons you’ll love DosaFil®   

10 Reasons you’ll love DosaFil®  

Why is it that most treated closed heating and chilled water systems still fall foul of corrosion, scale, bio-contamination and suspended solids? The answer, according to DosaFil®, is the prevalence of poor or ineffective water treatment practices in the commercial...

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DosaFil® gains re-certification for ISO 9001.2015

DosaFil® gains re-certification for ISO 9001.2015

DosaFil®, manufacturer of the UK's most environmentally-friendly chemical system, has gained recertification for ISO 9001.2015. First certified in 2018, this is now the third time that the UK-based company, which manufacturers a range of closed system conditioning...

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5 minutes to change a filter bag?

We’re not joking. In fact, as you’ll see in this video, it’s possible to change a DosaFil® filter bag in just two minutes (and you won’t even have to break into a sweat).

With DosaFil®, you just dose and go. Inspecting the filter bags is easy, and DosaFil® even has an in-built smart alarm to tell you when the filter bag needs changing, making your life easier and your system cleaner.

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It really is that good:

DosaFil® was created by long-time water treatment specialists who were frustrated with the problems inherent in traditional water treatment. DosaFil® is the product that we always wanted, and we will know you will want it to. Interested in finding out more?

Can I clean a fouled system online?

Yes. Once DosaFil® is installed, you can dose cleaning chemicals into the fouled system and the DosaFil® filter bag will capture the suspended solids. You do not need to shut down the system in order to clean it.

I've heard that solid chemicals are easier and safer than liquid chemicals. Can I use solid chemicals in DosaFil®?

You’re right; solid chemicals are safer to transport, handle and store, and also cheaper since they are smaller and lighter. Plus if you use solid chemicals from SolidTek™, the packaging is fully recyclable.

Does DosaFil® come with a guarantee?

Yes, DosaFil® comes with a 5 year guarantee. The product is manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards and comes with the support of our dedicated team.

Who's using DosaFil®?

DosaFil® is installed in commercial and industrial facilities across the country, including local authority buildings, offices, schools, and police stations. We have a growing number of contractors and water treatment specialists who choose only to use DosaFil® thanks to its ease of installation, use, and proven results.

How will I know when to change the filter bag?

DosaFil® comes with smart monitoring which will alert the engineer when the filter bag requires changing.

Client Testimonials

“We noticed an immediate improvement in the productivity in our system after using DosaFil®.”


“Being able to clean a system online so easily is perfect. We’ve used DosaFil® in installations where previously we’d have had to destroy walls and ceilings just to get to a system. DosaFil® is so easy.”


“Forget everything else, DosaFil® is the easiest, quickest and most effective water treatment system we’ve ever used.”