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About DosaFil 

Frustrated with traditional water treatment? So were we.

That’s why we created DosaFil. 

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With DosaFil, we’ve created a product that overcomes common water treatment issues, enabling closed commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems to be cleaned, protected and maintained in a very easy, convenient, and above all safe manner, in combination with advanced chemical treatment technologies.” 

steve crick – managing director, dosafil

DosaFil was founded with the purpose of designing, manufacturing and delivering innovative high-quality water conditioning equipment for the HVAC and Industrial Water Treatment Markets. Using knowledge and experience collected over a combined 40 years plus in the industrial water treatment and filtration industry, DosaFil set out to challenge the status quo particularly in the commercial closed loop filtration and conditioning market.

As well as this, DosaFil wanted to address some of the key concerns of modern business such as health and safety, carbon footprint reduction, and the reduction of energy consumption. The patent pending range of DosaFil devices are designed around one central concept – convenience without compromising on performance. DosaFil’s devices enable systems to be operated and maintained in line with the guidelines detailed in British Standards BS8552 and BSRIA BG29 and BG50. DosaFil’s in-house technical knowledge and in field technical support capabilities are second to none.

The DosaFil-Duo range of closed system conditioning devices are designed to complement specialist chemical treatment programmes to help protect closed systems from the risk of scale, corrosion and fouling. The simple and effective design of our devices combines industry proven technologies into a safe, simple to install and operate system for long term protection of closed heating and cooling systems. With unmatched temperature and pressure range capability plus smart monitoring and communications as standard, the DosaFil-Duo will change the way industry approaches the management and treatment of closed heating and cooling systems.

The DosaFil range of devices can enable fouled systems to be cleaned up online using a combination of smart filtration and air removal with advanced chemical treatments in liquid or solid form which in many cases will eliminate the need to perform time consuming and costly offline cleaning works.

Where DosaFil-Duo is installed, systems will be significantly better protected from the risks of corrosion, scale and fouling.” 

steve crick – managing director, dosafil










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