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AUE Exhibitor Review from DosaFil®


Aside from having a class-leading product range and superior service capabilities (a given), HVAC manufacturers have to put some skin in the game if they want their products specified in university plant rooms – and this means networking. It’s critical, not only for generating awareness, but also for having those all-important one-to-one consultations with University engineers, who really do value the pursuit of driving high standards.
The Association of University Engineers (AUE) conference, held annually, is the perfect place to network. The AUE is a group of University Engineers who wanted to create a 'networked union of like-minded people'. It has representation from around 100 universities throughout the UK and Eire. The AUE event is a conference that showcases engineering innovations through exhibitor stands and lectures about new techniques and shared experiences.
DosaFil® attended our first AUE conference, this year held at Lancaster University, from the 4th-6th September, exhibiting over three days. We were there to meet University engineers, find out about the issues and opportunities they face, and share the benefits of our patented DosaFil-Duo® range of closed system conditioning devices. The DosaFil-Duo® range enables safe addition of liquid or solid chemicals, continuous side stream filtration from 50 micron down to 0.5 micron, and automatic air removal, so is ideal for commercial HVAC systems. We also used the opportunity to talk about solid on-line cleaning chemicals from SolidTek™, which are designed to be used in combination with the DosaFil-Duo® device.
The team met with a number of engineers at the event, all of whom expressed that they had struggled with traditional water treatment techniques and approaches in the past. Consequently, they were extremely interested in the pioneering capabilities of DosaFil-Duo® to overcome these issues, particularly its ease of operation, smart function, multiple uses (dosing, filtration, and air removal), and convenient and cost-saving online cleaning.
Overall, we found the AUE conference to be extremely beneficial and would recommend it to any manufacturer looking to make valuable connections in the field.
Let us know what you think! Have you attended the AUE? What’s your approach to networking?
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