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Commercial office block

How one client avoided significant capital expenditure and costly chemical cleaning and flushing with DosaFil®-Duo and DosaFil® solid chemicals

Project Details

Client: commercial office block
Project type: DosaFil-Duo® + DosaFil® solid chemicals


  • Large, purpose-built commercial office block
  • Poor operation and efficiency in closed heating and chilled water systems, poor heat transfer
  • Failures in fan coil units
  • Significant maintenance requirements to clear blockages and clean strainers
  • High risk, liquid-only dosing pots


  • DosaFil-Duo® was installed on the system in less than a day
  • DosaFil® solid paste stick chemical treatments were used to clean and treat the system


  • Suspended solids reduced from 300mg/l to 30mg/l over a 3 month period via filters
  • Corrosion coupon analysis, laboratory samples and visual inspection indicate water quality is in line with industry standards
  • Easy online system clean avoided significant capital expenditure or costly chemical cleaning and flushing
  • System operation significantly improved
  • Maintenance requirements have reduced to a level expected in a system of this type
  • Permanent switch to safer solid paste chemicals
  • Reduced water usage
  • Improved system efficiency
"Before having our system treated with DosaFil® we were getting a lot of complaints from staff, visitors and tenants because the building was so cold. Since it was treated the heating system is perfect, we've had zero issues with it since, and everyone is happy!"


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