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DosaFil® Cleans Care Home Heating System Online, Preventing Shut Down

During certain times of the year, central heating systems face heavy demands. Combine this with poor water conditioning - and it is estimated that over 50% of commercial heating systems do not have effective water treatment in place - and system failure, breakdown and inefficiency are common. This can leave businesses in chaos, potentially facing closure and/or installing costly temporary heating solutions.

In central heating systems, it is common to find sludge, which is a result of built-up dirt and debris inside radiators. Sludge limits the flow of water throughout the central heating systems making both heat pumps and radiators work harder. Not only do heating bills unnecessarily rise, but if sludge if left unchecked and untreated, boilers can fail.

So, how can you tell if there's sludge in your heating system? Cold spots and reduced heat from radiators are an obvious sign of an internal blockage. Thankfully, sludge can be easily removed from heating systems with the DosaFil-Duo® device.

DosaFil-Duo® devices can clean systems online, eliminating the need for long flushing processes and water waste. It is also the only device on the market to combine chemical dosing with constant side stream filtration and continuous air removal.

The case study below demonstrates how DosaFil® helped to resolve the issue of inefficient heating at a large care home facility.

The care home contacted DosaFil® as its central heating was not working properly. They had experienced ongoing issues with blocked radiators, as well as poor heat distribution in resident's rooms and in the communal areas of the car home. They were seeing REDUCED efficiency, REDUCED heat output and an increase in energy consumption and bills.

As a care home for elderly residents, it was of paramount importance to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, and without shutting down the heating system since this would have required temporarily relocating the residents and staff - an expensive and logistically difficult task that is likely to have a negative effect on the well-being of residents. The care home wanted to avoid this outcome, and thanks to DosaFil®, they did.

Fig 1. shows water samples taken prior to any remediation work. The DosaFil-Duo® S+ device was then installed to carry out online cleaning with no downtime or disruption to staff or residents of the care home. It was combined with environmentally-friendly solid chemical treatments from SolidTek (see below):

- BSK100® - Solid organic/inorganic dispersant cleaner
- SolCide® PS160S - Solid THPS biocide

Our DosaFil cleaning chemicals will gradually work to break down unwanted build up in your water, effectively cleaning it for safe re-use.

Figure 1: Water samples prior to commencing online clean.

No manipulation of the system was carried out and the DosaFil-Duo® was simply left online to clean the central heating system. Filter bags were changed weekly for the first two weeks then bags were changed only when the DosaFil-Duo® DP alarm was triggered.

Results after Week 7

Fig 2. Shows water samples taken seven weeks later following the chemical treatment package combined with a DosaFil-Duo® S+. The samples show that sludge and debris is no longer present in the heating system.

Chemical analysis confirmed correct levels of all treatments and a significant improvement in water quality. Microbiological analysis confirmed control of microbiological activity had been restored.

The remediation program was a success and heat was restored to parts of the care home building that were previously without heat, and thermostats were being reduced across the building as heat output overall was much improved.

After several days, the water is effectively treated with the chemicals.

Figure 1: Water sample from identical sample points after 7 weeks of online cleaning.

If you are experiencing issues and heat loss from a central heating system - whether it be from a residential or commercial property, contact the team at DosaFil® for more information by email at or by phone on 0345 605 0405.

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