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DosaFil-Duo® Pumped Versions

A unique range of skid mounted conditioning devices for the cleaning, protection and maintenance of closed heating and cooling systems



✅ The only device to combine safe dosing of solid or liquid treatment chemicals with constant side stream filtration and continuous air removal

✅ Unmatched standard operating pressure and temperature ranges

✅ Suitable for use with any brand of chemical treatment

✅ Enables online cleaning of fouled systems

✅ Fast: isolate, open and change filter bag in under five minutes

✅ Smart monitoring notifies user when filter bags need changing

✅ Fully insulated jacket prevents heat loss

✅ Communication options for BMS built-in as standard

DosaFil-Duo® Pumped Versions functions


✅ Dedicated recirculation pump with controls to ensure good flow through the device

✅ Safe addition of liquid or solid chemicals

✅ Continuous side stream filtration from 50micron down to 0.5 micron

✅ Micro bubble coalescence

✅ Automatic Air Removal

✅ Smart controls available as standard with BMS output

The benefits of using DosaFil®

Got a minute? Watch this video for a quick overview of why DosaFil® is great.