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DosaFil® partners with Roth to revolutionise UFH efficiency

Industry getting a ‘shake-up’ with DosaFil® partnership, says Roth UK

Poor water quality is responsible for the premature failure of around half of all commercial underfloor heating (UFH) systems – a situation which is not only wholly unacceptable, but entirely unnecessary, according to UFH specialist, Roth UK, and British water treatment manufacturers, DosaFil® and SolidTek™. Moreover, the companies are ready to prove it, with a pioneering partnership that aims to eliminate poor water quality for good, and provide UFH users with reliable heat, long-lasting systems, and optimal energy savings on every installation.

The strategic allegiance means that Roth UK, the UK arm of Europe’s largest supplier of UFH systems, will specify and use DosaFil® water treatment devices, and SolidTek™ solid and liquid chemicals, on both new builds and existing systems requiring remediation. Likewise, DosaFil® and SolidTek™ will promote Roth for UFH projects. In this way, the companies can assure customers of receiving tried, tested and trusted products and services which are proven to work.

“We believe that no user or owner of UFH systems should have to put up with early repairs, failures or remedial works, reduced heat output, or higher than expected energy bills. However, this is almost the industry norm, and it’s nearly always due to poor water treatment practices,” explained Steve Crick, Director of DosaFil® and SolidTek™.

“That’s why Roth UK, DosaFil® and SolidTek™ have partnered. We know that our UFH and water treatment products, as well as our expertise and customer care, are able to provide customers with high performing systems for the long-term,” he continued.

Inadequate water treatment can lead to excessive levels of suspended solids and pseudomonads in UFH systems. As a consequence, a number of serious problems will likely arise, such as the erosion/corrosion of metallic components, blockages from agglomerating suspended solids and forming biofilms, severely reduced thermal efficiency, increased energy consumption, less heat output, and reduced plant longevity.

“Poor water treatment is a serious problem in the commercial HVAC industry. As an OEM, Roth products are designed, manufactured, and distributed from one source, which gives customers exceptional care from start to finish. So, it can be very frustrating for us – even more so for our customers – when those systems experience problems because they haven’t received the correct water treatment. This is why we’ve partnered with DosaFil® and SolidTek™; the products and service these companies offer are truly the exception to the rule. Backed by extensive field trialling, these technologies are proven to deliver rock solid water treatment that’s also cost-effective and convenient for customers,” explained Chris Hayes, Country Specification Manager at Roth UK.

DosaFil-Duo® is the only device on the market to combine the safe dosing of solid or liquid treatment chemicals (of any brand) into hot or cold closed recirculating water systems with constant side stream filtration and continuous air removal. Uniquely, the unit features smart monitoring technology as standard to ensure optimal filter bag replacement, while its standard operating pressure and temperature ranges are unmatched in the market today.

SolidTek™ products are similarly innovative; the company manufactures and distributes safe, easy to handle and eco-friendly solid paste chemicals, in addition to liquid chemicals and a range of dosing and dissolving equipment. When SolidTek™ solid paste chemical sticks are used with DosaFil-Duo®, the device becomes the UK’s most environmentally-friendly chemical system.

Roth is one of the most well-known and respected names in the UFH arena, having been established in 1947. The company serves the UK market from its Worcester premises.

“Industry is getting a shake-up with this partnership, and we’re genuinely excited to be setting a new level of service in the treatment of UFH systems,” concluded Mr Hayes.

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