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DosaFil® Resolves Issue Of Inefficient Underfloor Heating At Large Secondary School

At this time of the year in the colder months, central heating and underfloor heating systems are pushed to the max. If a heating system fails it can leave businesses in chaos, potentially facing closure and/or installing costly temporary heating solutions.

Generally, issues with your heating system are often down to the pipes. If your underfloor heating is a wet system, which runs from a boiler, then it could be a blockage or trapped air in the pipes. Cold spots on underfloor heating systems could mean there is an internal blockage and flushing the systems could be the answer. This is where the DosaFil-Duo® device can help.

They can clean systems online, eliminating the need for long flushing processes and water waste. It is also the only device on the market to combine chemical dosing with constant side stream filtration and continuous air removal.

The case study below demonstrates how DosaFil® helped to resolve the issue of inefficient underfloor heating at a local secondary school.

The school contacted DosaFil® as their underfloor heating was not working as it should. They were seeing REDUCED efficiency, REDUCED heat output and an increase in energy consumption and bills. Infrared imaging at the school clearly showed that there was an issue and that much of the corridor was not receiving any heat.

This school corridor wasn't receiving a lot of underfloor heating.

This school corridor wasn't receiving a lot of underfloor heating.

The DosaFil-Duo® S+ device was installed to carry out online cleaning. it was combined with environmentally-friendly solid chemical treatments from SolidTek (see below):

- CL-M-S - Solid closed system inhibitor
- BSK100® - Solid organic/inorganic dispersant cleaner
- OLPC-S - Solid online polymer cleaner
- SolCide® PS160S - Solid THPS biocide

Results after week 1

Following only 1 week of online cleaning the 1 micron filter bag in the DosaFil-Duo® S+ was removed (see image below) and replaced with another clean 1 micron filter bag.

Further infrared images were taken to determine the initial success of the remediation program and the images below speak for themselves. Infrared monitoring shows just how effective the clean was and the school noticed an immediate difference in heat output. It was also quick, taking just 1 week to restore the heat output to pre-existing level.

Chemical analysis confirmed correct levels of all treatments and a significant improvement in water quality. Microbiological analysis confirmed control of microbiological activity had been restored.

Here are before and after images taken in the staff room and upper corridor:

If you are experiencing issues and heat loss from an underfloor heating system - whether it be from a residential or commercial property, contact the team at DosaFil® on email for more information at or by phone on 0345 605 0405.

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