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Get expert advice and chemical analysis and Interpretation with a DosaFil® System Health Check


DosaFil® System Health Check


DosaFil® offers our clients a System Health Check service

✅ Full Chemical analysis and Interpretation

✅ Recommendation for system improvements.



What’s included in the Health Check

✅ On-site visit where the DosaFil® team will carry out a brief survey of your closed heating or cooling system

✅ Water samples taken for laboratory chemical analysis

✅ A report is produced with comments on the system and water quality with recommendations for any improvements or remediation that may be required

✅ Beneficial to any business with heating or cooling systems in their buildings, from schools, care homes, medium to large commercial buildings and manufacturing businesses that have comfort heating for offices, and industrial heating or cooling systems for process operations

Why is the health check so important?


✅ DosaFil® typically find that 7 out of 10 closed heating or cooling systems that have a health check uncover issues

✅ These issues can affect system performance and reduce the plant life expectancy

✅ The DosaFil® solution is non-invasive and an environmentally responsible solution

✅ Clients will typically see an increase in performance resulting in a reduction in energy bills

✅ Energy consumption can be reduced by 10% when comparing a heating or cooling system operating with good water quality compared to a system operating with poor water quality

✅ Reduction of customer/employee complaints associated with the heating not working or the process being disrupted

The benefits of using DosaFil®

Got a minute? Watch this video for a quick overview of why DosaFil® is great.