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How to save energy and reduce commercial heating costs

Skyrocketing energy costs have increased commercial heating bills by 100% - or more in many cases – putting serious financial strain on businesses. One of the most simple and yet greatly overlooked ways to lower energy bills, often dramatically, is through adequate and effective water conditioning. Consequently, water conditioning represents a viable solution.


Hidden cost of poor water conditioning

In the absence of adequate water treatment, all commercial heating systems will experience fouling of the circulating water. This fouling typically comprises different types of corrosion products (which can form exceptionally quickly, especially where there is oxygen ingress as oxygen accelerates the rate of corrosion), limescale, and bio-fouling.

All of these forms of suspended solids can lead to serious problems within commercial heating systems, not only reduced energy efficiency, but also poor system performance, component failure, premature repairs and compromised operating life. In other words, the cost of poor water conditioning often runs into tens of thousands of pounds.


Even new systems fall foul

Got a new heating system? Don’t think that it can’t fall foul to suspended solids. In fact, detrimental levels of suspended solids can occur quickly, sometimes within a few months of a system being installed.


The benefits of efficient water conditioning

Conversely, a correctly applied and maintained water treatment programme will optimise system energy efficiency, operation, heat transfer and life expectancy. It is therefore essential for water quality to be carefully managed and controlled, a process which is best achieved via a combination of solid or liquid chemicals (cleaning agents, inhibitors and biocides, for example) and equipment.

The most convenient solution

DosaFil devices combines safe chemical dosing with automatic air removal and continuous side stream filtration. It ensures that all contaminants from 50 to 0.5 microns are filtered from the system (unlike magnetic filters which only remove ferrous suspended solids, but leave harmful non-ferrous solids in the system water), and is able to clean systems online – no downtime necessary.

DosaFil devices are also magnet free, a feature which eliminates the health and safety concerns, and take just two minutes to clean. Solid or liquid chemicals can be used in the devices, the range of which boasts unmatched standard operating pressure and temperature ranges.

If you’re concerned about skyrocketing energy costs and want a solution which can lower them, get in touch with DosaFil today.


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