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Police Authority HVAC System

How DosaFil®-Duo and solid paste chemicals saved a brand new system from near failure whilst preventing disruption, building shutdown, and high remediation costs

Project Details

Client: Police headquarters
Project type: DosaFil-Duo® + solid chemicals


  • Brand new police head quarters
  • Harmful levels of contaminants found in the closed, low temperature heating system (incorrect pH, suspended solids, and more) 
  • System had not been cleaned, treated or maintained sufficiently between installation and handover
  • Danger of accelerated corrosion, blocked valves, and system failure
  • Powerflushing would have required the opening of every valve on the system, all of which were behind wall panels - an extremely expensive and disruptive endeavour, potentially requiring large parts of the building to be shut down


  • DosaFil-Duo® was installed in  less than a day
  • Solid paste stick chemicals were added to the system


  • DosaFil® cleaned the system online 
  • Optimised energy efficiency, performance and longevity
  • Easy online system clean avoided significant capital expenditure or costly chemical cleaning and flushing
  • System operation significantly improved
  • Maintenance requirements have reduced to a level expected in a system of this type
  • Permanent switch to safer solid chemicals
  • Reduced water usage 
"The police authority has been so impressed with DosaFil-Duo® that a second device has now been installed in another building, this time on an existing medium pressure hot water system" 


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