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Specifi event – is it worth exhibiting?

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a large company or an ambitious and growing startup (like us),
putting valuable budget into exhibitions is always a little nerve-wracking. Will anyone show up? Will
the right people show up? Is it worth the cash?

DosaFil is a relatively new company (incorporated March of last year), so we have to balance getting
our name and product ‘out there’ with bringing sales in. But we’re big believers in marketing, so we
decided to take the plunge with Specifi.

Specifi is a built environment roadshow, so attendees come from a range of industries. It’s a very
unique event with a more relaxed focus on networking; specifiers can meet with technical experts
from a range of industries to discuss products which could benefit their businesses.

We exhibited at the Manchester show on the 3 rd July and the London show on 17 th July with our
DosaFil-Duo®S+ and DosaFil-Duo®Micro+ closed system conditioning devices on the stand (they
provide safe addition of liquid or solid chemicals, continuous side stream filtration from 50 micron
down to 0.5 micron, and automatic air removal). We also showcased solid on-line cleaning chemicals
from SolidTek, which are designed to be used in combination with the DosaFil-Duo® device.It was the first Specifi event for Andy Freer (DosaFil Sales Director) and Chris Harrison (DosaFil
Technical Director). They met with multiple specifiers and Mechanical and Electrical contractors
from the construction, design and building services industry who have requirements for water
treatment during the day, and, thanks to the networking dinner, spent the evening discussing the
unique concept and benefits of DosaFil-Duo® again! (of course, everyone was there to network over
dinner, so the exchange of information, and food, flowed freely). We certainly had great interest in
our products, especially as the device can save money and create significant efficiencies for water

Overall, Specify was a really interesting event to exhibit at. The right people did show up, there was
a great atmosphere, and the networking side was great. Definitely one to consider if you are in the
industry and looking to market your product or service.
What do you think? Which exhibition have you found most useful?

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