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Treating a system <40,000 ltr? Get fast ROI with the New DosaFil-Duo® Nano

Closed loop heating and cooling systems of 40,000 litre volume or less, maximum temperatures of 90 degrees and maximum pressures of 10 bar now have the option to benefit from tailor-made DosaFil-Duo® technology. The new DosaFil-Duo® Nano family is perfectly suited to smaller sized systems, providing a cost and operationally efficient solution to water conditioning, combining safe dosing of solid or liquid treatment chemicals with constant side stream filtration and continuous air removal.

The DosaFil-Duo® Nano family comprises:
- DosaFil-Duo® Nano
- DosaFil-Duo® Nano+
- DosaFil-Duo® Nano+PV (Pumped Version)

The family of devices are a “do-it-all” conditioning device for the cleaning, protection and maintenance of closed heating and cooling systems, and enable compliance with BSRIA BG29 & BG50. Each model offers varying system volume, operating pressure and temperature ranges meaning there’s a wider choice to suit customer needs.

The DosaFil-Duo® Nano and DosaFil-Duo® Nano+ are small, compact units and both are wall mounted. Each unit holds up to 40,000 litres system volume, they have a maximum temperature of 90 degrees and a maximum pressure of 10 bar. The additional feature of the DosaFil-Duo® Nano+ is that it comes with smart monitoring built in which instantly notifies user when the filter bags need changing. It also has options for BMS built-in as standard.

The DosaFil-Duo® Nano+PV (Pumped Version) is a backboard mounted device enabling compact installation in tight plant rooms. It has a dedicated recirculation pump with controls to ensure good flow through the device and micro bubble coalescence. The Nano+PV is suited to system volumes up to 10,000 litres with a maximum temperature of 90 degrees and pressure of 10 bar.

Like the rest of the DosaFil® PV range, the DosaFil-Duo® Nano+PV devices come with OEM Grundfos smart pump technology, a 5-year guarantee and round the clock support from the DosaFil technical team. The entire range is manufactured in Britain and each unit proudly displays the official Made In Britain registered collective mark.

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